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Screen shot of Seoul8 Isolater plugin

Emulate the effect of different isolators placed under your DAW machine. Instantly switch & audition a variety of audiophile / studio grade isolators, all modeled based on laboratory measurements.


This is a FREE beta version containing 3 models + Bypass to choose from.



Vibrations in audio playback systems -including transports, amps, cables, etc.- are known to affect the flow of their electrical current, resulting in changes of perceived sound as well. The obvious source of such vibrations is the air pressure generated by speakers. Another cause, perhaps less significant but often overlooked, is the subtle ringing generated by transformers, inductors, fans and other internal parts.

In recent years, producers and mastering engineers are beginning to realize the importance of placing "isolators" under such equipment to prevent loss in audio fidelity, or even to color the sound to their liking by precise selection.

Gangnam Acoustics' Seoul8 focusses particularly on the effects that vibrations generate in computers that incorporate the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), which is used during music production. The physical models based on real world isolators emulate the sonic footprints known to appear during online and offline bounces.


What formats are supported?

Seoul8 is tested on systems mentioned in the download section above. However, due to its simplicity it may run also on other versions of Windows as well.

When will the full version be released?

Q3, 2022 is the target as of today.


We are aiming for it to be no more than US$99. Please check this page for updates.

Will you have intro discounts?

Yes, probably for the first few weeks after release.

Copy protection? (No USB dongle please!!)

The final product will require a serial code for authorization. Usage must be limited to the purchaser themselves. There is no limit on the number of machines the plugin may be installed on. Please contact the author for corporate/group licenses.
The FREE Beta requires no authorization. Just copy the binaries to your plugin folder and enjoy!

Do I leave the plugin enabled while printing my mix or master?

The plugin was originally intended to be placed on the monitor path. However, if you appreciate the added tone then you are welcome to print with it enabled. An engineer participating in early beta tests has reported of the plugin being used successfully while printing a mix of a well-known rock band.

About Gangnam Acoustics

Hello world!
I am Jason Kim, owner of Gangnam Acoustics.
I work for a company in the suburbs of Los Angeles as a programmer focusing on modeling real world physics. "Gangnam Acoustics" is my personal playground where I bring my modelling skills and passion for music to realize my ideas.

The web site is named after a city in S. Korea where I find my family heritage.
If you are not familiar with the name, probably you were born after 2012 or have been living in the caves since then. Hopefully this YouTube video will ring some bells :)


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This web site along with the plugin available for download was a prank created for April Foolfs Day 2022 by David Shimamoto (Twitter: @gyokimae). The coding and GUI design is by an awesome developer who prefers to remain anonymous.

The plugin, while is only a gain plugin with fixed presets, is fully functional as a tool to easily experiment how a flashy GUI and a slight change in level can trick onefs perception into believing there being actual changes in tone. Therefore, this site will remain up in hope that the plugin will be utilized for educational purposes or just for fun until the contract with the web hosting service expires in Mar. 2023.

The project was inspired by a true event which took place in 2021, where a mastering engineer with a fairly strong presence in my region stated online how he improves sonics in his work by carefully selecting isolators to be placed under his mac mini. One user who took the MEfs words purchased the same stone board and posted audio samples of bounces with and without the isolator on YouTube, to which the ME responded by acknowledging that gthe video well exhibits the tonal footprints you would expect from the specific isolator.h According to my tests, the before/after audio in the comparison video were identical other than there being a 3dB difference in volume. At least a few others are known to have purchased the same stone board at roughly $100 from a seller who has connections to the ME.

Since I am no expert in quantum physics (which BTW, partly rhymes with this web site), I will not bet my life to state that a stone board placed under a PC will never affect the outcome of offline bounces. However, I do believe that in general, many involved in music production at all levels, could use some more education on how simple gains in audio can easily fool onefs perception, and that evaluating sonics without level matching is nearly impossible.

Lastly, just like our plugin is functional, the T-shirt giveaway promotion announced on Twitter is for real, and the lucky 3 who have won (and all kindly expressed their appreciation to the humor) will be receiving their Gangnam Acoustics T-shirts in a week or two. Congratulations!